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Workshop on the Unified Migration Data Analytical System (UMAS)


On 10 February, a joint workshop of EU Delegation, the International Organization for Migration, and the Public Services Development Agency was held. The workshop was dedicated to the Unified Migration Data Analytical System (UMAS). The participants discussed data collection, data processing technological solutions, and modern approaches in the field of international migration.

The Swiss Government acting through its State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) joined the EU-funded project on "Border and Migration Management Action for Georgia (BMMAG) to contribute to the further development of the UMAS. The system contributes to the analysis of migration-related data and the development of evidence-based policies in the field.

Up to 30 representatives of the EU Delegation, Embassy of Switzerland, IOM, UNCHR and officials from the relevant ministries that are part of the UMAS working group resorting under the State Commission on Migration Issues attended the meeting.

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