IOM is continuing implementation of the second phase of the More for More Project, which will be referred to as SBMMG. In this regard the project webpage and the project facebook page (currently More for More) will undergo rebranding.​

Promoting Secure Borders and Safe Migration

Project implemented
by the International Organization
for Migration
IOM has been operating a programme on the combat of trafficking in persons in Georgia since 2000. It has implemented more than 15 projects dedicated to the prevention of trafficking in persons, capacity building of government officials and to protect victims from the trade while offering them options of safe and sustainable reintegration and/or return to their home countries.
Prevention is better than cure, and IOM carries out information campaigns in Georgia to educate the general public about trafficking in persons, encourage people to report suspected cases, and empower vulnerable populations with the information necessary to better protect themselves from the recruitment tactics of traffickers.

In Armenian
IOM cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia to introduce lessons in schools to raise the awareness of teenagers in the country and thus contribute to the prevention of trafficking in persons.
You can download here school books in the Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages:

IOM has just released a new clip to raise awareness of human trafficking:

As an important tool to raise awareness in society of the dangers of trafficking and for its ultimate prevention, IOM has produced a number of clips in the past years.
These clips were shown on national television channels and displayed during public outreach meetings, conveying a message that is one the one hand positive - there are legal migration opportunities that citizens of Georgia can pursue.
At the same time, the clips also highlight the risks associated with irregular migration and the impact this may have on families of migrants and society at large.
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