IOM is continuing implementation of the second phase of the More for More Project, which will be referred to as SBMMG. In this regard the project webpage and the project facebook page (currently More for More) will undergo rebranding.​

Promoting Secure Borders and Safe Migration

Project implemented
by the International Organization
for Migration



to learn more about
the reintegration assistance
The Mobility Centre has been set up to support migrants who have returned to Georgia in their reintegration process and sustain their return as much as possible. Three Georgian speaking counsellors are available for you, ready to respond to your reintegration needs.
If you are still abroad, but planning to come back soon, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance to find out more about how we can assist you. You can also use our  .
You can find us in Tbilisi on Tamarashvili Street 15 A, in the premises of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia (5th floor, rooms 543, 545, 547).
In order to get in you need to obtain an entrance permit on the 1st floor. Our Mobility Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30. Prior to the visit, please call: (+995 32) 2600 955 
Passport with relevant stamps, confirming the period that you were abroad and the date that you returned to Georgia.
If a passport is not available, a certificate corroborating the crossing of the border. This certificate is issued by the service agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (address of the service agency - Kavtaradze Street 5a, Tbilisi;
Other documents proving that you were abroad might also be acceptable as evidence that you may benefit from reintegration assistance.
Depending on your needs our counsellors can guide you into the current Georgian socio-economic reality, provide you with practical information (for example,. where and how to arrange new identity documents) and help to review your educational and professional background in order to identify and offer you the most suitable kind of reintegration assistance.
We can enrol you in a vocational education course/training and cover its costs (up to a maximum of 600 Euro), if the counselor agrees with you that this will help you to upgrade your qualifications and find a job or better paid job. We can also arrange training on the job as a kind of apprenticeship in a private company.
After registration in the Mobility Centre, our counsellors can assist in trying to identify a suitable job for you. If needed, as a first step, you will be offered a practical training to develop your job application and presentation techniques. Next, your application documents will be placed under your individual profile in the database of the registered jobseekers. Finally, our counsellors will be looking actively for suitable job offers for you and if identified, your application documents will be sent directly to employer/s and interview/s will be arranged. 
Are you thinking about starting your own business? Tell us your idea and together we may find a way to make this idea feasible. Developing the business idea is the first step to be completed. This is followed by business training and,developing a detailed business plan with the assistance of business trainer. An evaluation committee is dealing with each case and will decide which business plans will be granted.
We can address your medical needs which hinder your reintegration in the Georgian society by recommending appropriate health care institutions where necessary medical examination and treatment can be provided. Only a limited financial contribution can be provided to cover health care expenses.
We can provide you with temporary accommodation in the following emergency cases:
in order to access the services of the Mobility Centre and you live outside Tbilisi with no accommodation possibility in town;
if you lived abroad for a long time and you have no one to stay at in the country we can arrange temporary accommodation for the initial period after return (depends on the individual situation).