IOM is continuing implementation of the second phase of the More for More Project, which will be referred to as SBMMG. In this regard the project webpage and the project facebook page (currently More for More) will undergo rebranding.​

Promoting Secure Borders and Safe Migration

Project implemented
by the International Organization
for Migration
In close cooperation with the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IOM has released a new television clip on the Consular E-Service Portal available at . This portal offers a range of consular services available for Georgian citizens residing abroad and their relatives in Georgia and will greatly facilitate access to consular assistance, especially in remote areas and countries where Georgia does not have diplomatic representation.

Shortly, IOM will also make available to the MFA a video document with detailed guidelines for users on applying this new Consular E-Service Portal.
IOM has commissioned the production of a 2 minute video with instructions for users of the Consular E-Management Service System. This video (also available ) guides applicants for consular services through the steps that they need to follow in order to make a successful application.
This video, alongside the other products highlighted on this page, has been funded by the IOM Development Fund.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a new e-portal for citizens of Georgia to receive consular services online. This portal will be particularly interesting for Georgian nationals residing abroad, as it allows them easy access to a range of consular assistance without having to visit the Georgian embassies. You can  and follow this  for more information.
Information on the procedures for applications for long-term visas are available in an English-language brochure disseminated in large numbers in 2014, including at the arrival immigration desks at major border crossing points of Georgia. You can